NYT Best Seller list who?

A list of my reads this month that are millennial curated (by me) + approved (also by me). Click on the picture of any book to purchase it from our great friends at Amazon. Want to purchase at a later time? No worries! Just use code tbrg-20 at checkout!


February books:


By: Michelle Obama

Our forever First Lady is a consistent reminder that there is power in being known and heard. What it truly means to be a powerful woman is to make a fearlessly forge your own path through life. She teaches you how to simply be who you are and continue becoming who you are meant to be. Wisdom and elegance beautifully illustrated.

2. You are a Badass Every Day

By: Jen Sincero

This book is such a good read! If you have not already checked out her other books, I advise you to do so. This book always puts me in my bag! Life is too short to be half assing it! Although I’m not finished with it yet, it’s the PERFECT boost of confidence and motivation. With every page, more tips are offered to help you be badass in all that you do without apology!


3. The 50th Law

By: 50 Cent & Robert Greene

Say what you want about 50, but he’s done SOMETHING right. He decided to collab with Robert Greene who wrote the “49 Laws of Power” to produce the 50th law — the secret to his success. The thing that pulled me into this book is that he addresses on the very first page that the only thing standing between you and your dreams is fear. Although 50’s methods may not always be the best, I will say that he is a prime example of fearless living. Excited to see what gems this drops on me.


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