Chicken wings and fries we don't go on dates.

The generational fear of dating.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”…said no man ever since 2006. For some odd reason, that simple question is equivalent to a marriage proposal in the minds of our generation. A date is now seen as something official when, in reality, that was used as a way to get to know your potential mate. But why are we scared to go on dates? Are we afraid of the expectations of the man picking the woman up and courting them? Does that scare the man away? Or better yet, does that scare the modern woman away?


We tend to use the convenience of Netflix as a crutch or a substitute for a real date. Our parents had Blockbuster but “Blockbuster and Chill” wasn't a thing…so why make it one now? Think about it. Ask your parents how they knew that they were meant to be. Chances are they will not say “one night your father showed up to my house around 11pm, hopped in the bed with me and we watched “New Jack City” together and after that we knew we were meant for each other”. No.

In most cases they will proceed to tell you how they went to the roller rink, followed by grabbing food at the drive through and ending their night with a hesitant but respectful kiss on the cheek. The harsh reality, that is hitting this generation hard with every failed relationship, is that you can only get to know someone but so much from Netflix and chill. You need to put a person in situations and expose them to different things, people, and places in order to see them for who they truly are.

It is important to see them when they are angry at you, others, and situations as a whole to get to know them in every aspect so that there is no “surprise I have a temper which is a total deal breaker for you so now we are headed for a break up since I am nothing like you thought I was” moment one month into the relationship.